How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in South Africa:And The Right Questions to Ask The Insurer Before You Take The Cover

If you are looking for car insurance you should ask yourself these questions:

What’s included in your car insurance quote?

Some insurance claims to be comprehensive, meaning that they will cover you for any damage. Ask carefully about this as some of the companies will say it is comprehensive but they only cover you from a specific amount of damage. Example could be that of dents, if your insurance company promises to cover you for dent, what exactly does that mean. Can they cover you if your car has some R300 damage?. Yeah that’s it, they wont tell this until you start claiming for the damage and they will tell you that the damage is below the claim threshold.



Is breakdown included on the cover?

Some good insurances will cover you also for towing your car in case of accidents of on the road incidents.

Will the windscreen be covered?

Windscreens are potential easily damaged parts of your car, so you must ask if your insurance provide will be able to cover just a windscreen in case it gets damaged.

Does it cover the car for theft?

Well this is the big deal as well. Despite having a tracker on your car, your car might be stolen just like that. So check with your insurer if they can cover your car for theft and what are the requirements for them to cover it for this potential incident.

Will I get a courtesy car?

When your car is damaged, how would you be able to do your daily travels while it is being repaired. So if you only have one car, ask or check if your insurer will be able to offer you a courtesy car while your damaged car is being fixed.

Tjo! How did This Happen? This is an Artwork but Accidents do really happen


You need to check how much excess there is on your policy. This is how much you have to pay yourself when making a claim. The lower the excess the higher the car insurance, so work out how what you can afford to pay in the case of an accident and set your excess to that.

Natural disaster and public protests

Check carefully with the insurer if they are going to cover you for the natural disasters like flood, hail and related incidents. Some insurance companies does not cover you for natural disasters. These days in South Africa we encounter a lot of strikes and public protests where cars are damaged by the protesters, some are even burnt to ashes. So check if your insurance will cover your car for such incidents.

I hope this was helpful tips in choosing an insurance quote. Don’t just go for a cheap insurance, go for the one that will cover your car comprehensively.

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