Tbo Touch admits ‘to lying’ during e-toll campaign

Tbo Touch via Instagram

Tbo Touch admits to ‘lying’ during e-toll campaign.

Radio personality and business mogul Tbo Touch has admitted to lying about supporting e-tolls, after he was approached to be a part of Sanral’s marketing campaign in 2015.

In fact, Touch has revealed that he does not even have an e-tag on his own cars.

Last year Touch, Minnie Dlamini and Khanyi Mbau were selected to be the faces of Sanral’s marketing campaign, which saw them appear on TV and radio adverts urging motorists to buy e-tags

In a video released at the time Touch said, “Like many South Africans I was quite reluctant at the call for us to pay for e-tolling. I didn’t accept it at first … but it makes sense. We enjoy better roads today because somebody conceptualised a better South Africa that’s going to work beyond 2020″.

However, in an interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliffcentral on Thursday morning, which coincided with the launch of their business venture, Touch Central, Touch said that it was all about the money.

“Of course, I don’t even have an e-tag. I lied. I don’t. Go down to my car right now. Yeah, go check,” he told Gareth.


Touch added that with two sons in private schools, he just couldn’t turn Sanral down.

“There’s things I’ll do because it’s not going to hurt me. It’s not going to change the price of milk. So, they called me – I’ve got an offer for you. Why not?”

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Touch went on to explain that he, like many other celebrities, thought of themselves as a business.

“We are commercial brands,” he said.

Touch and Gareth recently joined forces to launch the country’s first 24-hour online music channel which officially got off the ground on Thursday.


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