Hulisani Ravele not impressed by government’s flavoured condoms

Hulisani Ravele hits out at government over flavoured condoms.
Image by: Hulisani Ravele via Instagram

TV personality Hulisani Ravele has added her voice to the raging debate around government’s unveiling of its new flavoured Max condoms in parliament on Thursday.

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa urged MPs to try out government’s new free flavoured and ‘noise free’ condoms, which forms part of government’s strategy to prevent HIV/Aids.

The new condoms, which were officially launched in June, are said to be “designed for maximum pleasure” as it makes no noise.

Ever since the deputy president spoke about it in parliament, it sparked widespread debate.

TV star Hulisani lashed out at the new range of condoms, which are freely distributed at establishments, including schools.

Hulisani took aim at the new range saying that while HIV/Aids prevention is paramount, splashing out on flavoured condoms instead of heeding the plea for sanitary pads at schools, is sending “the wrong message to the youth”.

Really!? Our biggest concern is noiseless flavorful condoms when our youth are facing REAL issues like access to SANITARY PADS!? GTFOHWTBS!😡

There are dilapidated schools with NOTHING! Niks! Mara si apha proving free flavourful, noise free condoms? What are we saying to our youth?

We’re more concerned about you having fun in bed then we are about you having access to education in solid structures? Thiza!!!

I mean REALLY! What are we saying to the girl child? There’s condoms but no pads so rather make babies sessie, don’t go to school! TF!!!! 😤

Hulisani went on to reflect on the death of racing car driver Gugu Zulu, who died while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as part of a Trek4Mandela expedition to raise funds for sanitary pads for impoverished girls.

A man lost his LIFE raising funds for access to sanitary pads but no, we outchea producing faaaancy condoms. A shame to be SAfrican today.👎🏾

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